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“The basic idea of deconstructing work has the potential to change everything HR does. You can call it a skills-based economy. As we get more and more platforms that take someone like you/me and see elements of our capabilities (skills/capabilities) that can be reconfigured, then a future tech situation is we’re all fungible. The notion of a career changes from project to project/company to company and we will all be measured by our capabilities versus the job that we do for companies. There is a question of how deeply we can see capabilities of people and the jobs that need to get done.”
Dr. John Boudreau

At Teamfit, our mission is to help organizations align talent toward their market vision. Achieving this aim will require bolstering talent management strategies with better insights into skills and competencies, and more specifically, the gaps any company will need to close in order to realize their vision. 

Please take our short survey on Understanding the Talent Management Ecosystem

We will be sharing the aggregated results with participants

Talent management software comes in a suite of applications that serve different functions for various teams. How these different systems support each other and share data is a critical part of how they create value. One way to think of this is that the different applications support the employee experience. Our research suggests the following flow, from workforce planning all the way through to succession management and back.

Each area of the Talent Management space has its own set of unique challenges and is supported by different systems. Skills and competencies are critical to each aspect of the employee experience; we believe they make the connections between the different systems.

We hope this short survey provokes thinking into how each function contributes to the talent management ecosystem, and how skill insights can play a critical role. The results of the survey will influence our product strategy and roadmap. Here are a few things we want to learn: 

Which functions are crucial to mobilizing talent towards a market vision? 

For Talent Management Professionals, what are the relationships between these various functions? How do skill insights impacts areas such as talent acquisition, compensation, performance management and succession strategies? If there are other functions that benefit from skills and competency insights, which ones should we consider?

What applications are perceived to be under each category? What level of awareness do different people in an organization have about these systems?

We have done industry level research on what applications support each talent management function. Our assumption is that responses to our survey will provide us further insight into how tools are being used. We want to understand which applications lead a category or are about to emerge from it. If there are applications that are not part of talent management, but that benefit from skills insights, what are they and what role do they play in a business?

Different areas of a business will have various degrees of knowledge about these systems, especially in larger organizations. We would like to understand which parts of an organization have a greater awareness of the different Talent Management systems being used and the impact these are having on the business.

How does knowledge of skills and competencies add value? 

Understanding the ways in which information about skills and competencies flow across the employee experience and how this adds value at each step will inform our design. We are working to support how this works in both directions.

From Skills to Other Systems: How do we make sure that skills and competencies enrich the other systems in the Talent Management ecosystem? What data and metadata will support better insights for the users of these applications? 

From Other Systems into Skills: Alternatively, what data will enhance skill profiles and competencies in Teamfit? One of the reasons skill management has been historically difficult is that the data that informs skills is scattered across and beyond the organization. Skills are enriched through a variety of experiences that range from classroom learning to stretch roles and new assignments. We are designing TeamFit to be the place where skill data pools, gets analyzed and connected, and is then fed back out to other systems to enrich them and improve their value.

The following image illustrates one version of our thinking about how organized skill and competency data can add value to, and be enhanced by the data in other systems:

Finding areas of interest to focus on will help us explore the data structures that are valuable and available to enrich the Teamfit platform.

We will be sharing the results of what we learn. Please share your thoughts in our survey at the link above, or at Thank you for helping us innovate so that we can serve you better!