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“TeamFit reveals a truer understanding of my skills and those of my teammates. By providing quantitative insights, it allows us to more accurately predict and ultimately guarantee success.”

Nick Rindahl of Momentus Software

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For companies — To manage your talent, know your talent.

Get the right people on teams fast

Understand capabilities and predict success

Attract and keep the best talent

How It Works

1. Describe your Project

  • Define roles & requirements
  • Use best practice templates
  • Compare similar projects

2. Build the Team

  • Reach internal and external people
  • Find people with real experience
  • Assess ability to deliver

3. Optimize

  • Always have options
  • Plan for growth
  • Optimize utilization

How TeamFit is Different


Find people for projects based on their actual skills. With SkillRank, skills are assessed by people who have worked together. SkillRank corrects for rating bias and the knowledge of the person giving the rating. See the skill profile of an individual, team or organization.


Each person is given a TeamMatch™ score. This score measures how well a person fits the needs of the engagement. The TeamMatch™ score changes depending on who else is on the team.



Performance depends on getting the right people on the team. TeamFit™ is a measure of how well the entire team satisfies the requirements. TeamFit predicts project success.

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