Build The Skill Or Fill The Gap?


Finding the right balance of expertise You have a great core team. You can handle anything thrown at you in your niche. Almost. Sometimes you take on a project that is just a touch outside your expertise or need some particular skill to complete the project. When that happens, most people bring in some ad […]

The Real Cost of a Broken Team

broken wheel

A single person can push a project off the rails Years ago, I was involved in project that was made up of a blended team of my team, multiple internal customer teams, and multiple outsourced service teams (infrastructure, system integrators, and application development teams). We brought in a late addition to the team to fill […]

Success Is A Matter Of Perspective


4 views on project success—What Rashomon can teach us about successful projects Rashomon is a film by Akira Kurosawa where the “facts” of a crime are presented by four different people, each with their own twist on what happened. Rashomon explores the idea that different people often have very different perspectives on an event, and […]

What Would A Default Design-Thinking Project Team Look Like?


Over on the LinkedIn Design thinking group there is an interesting thread on how to build a team for a new design thinking project. Peter Stofle, the Business Development Director at Slalom Consulting in Portland asked how people would go about building a team for a design thinking project (see note below on design thinking). […]

When to bring people from outside into a team

2011/365/49 Learning is Here

How many of your teams are composed of purely internal people and how many bring in people from outside of your organization? We see this as one of the fundamental questions—and challenges—facing companies today. We have some evidence from our own surveys that about 50% of teams include people from outside the company (we published […]

The Art of Collaboration


How to Make a Partnership Thrive Starting something new can be extremely challenging, particularly when it comes to moving into entrepreneurship from the day-to-day security of corporate business. Even though each comes with its own specific sets of challenges, chasing an idea with yourself as your boss is something that requires a new set of […]

Introducing TeamFit™—How listening to customers created a new product


Or A Funny Thing Happened While Building a Collaboration App A year ago this month we rolled out Nugg to a few private beta testers. A year down the line the app you see now is both very different and very much the same as it was then. It’s still focused on helping teams collaborate […]

4 Steps to Building Great Teams


There are probably more, but these are a start We have teams on the brain here. We research teams, we interview people about making teams, we dive deep to understand how teams come together—and fall apart. We have a good handle on what you need to do when you’re putting a new team together. So […]