Performance Reviews Don’t Make the Cut in a Real-time World – You Have to Make Forward Choices About Deploying Skills

By Karen Chiang, see her skills on TeamFit; her profile on LinkedIn. Some of the world’s top professional services companies are phasing out traditional performance reviews and staff rankings. For many years these were central to how these companies managed their... read more

The most important skills for building client relationships

by  Steven Forth, TeamFit Profile, LinkedIn Profile, On Twitter What are the most important skills to think about when it comes to building relationships with clients? I did a quick straw poll with a half dozen business leaders at professional services organizations.... read more

The ROI on Teams – The Unit Economics of Professional Services

by  Steven Forth TeamFit Profile, LinkedIn Profile, On Twitter Unit economics are critical to understanding how your business will scale. They tell you which levers to pull to improve performance. There has been a lot of good work on unit economics for subscription... read more
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