Introducing TeamFit™—How listening to customers created a new product


Or A Funny Thing Happened While Building a Collaboration App A year ago this month we rolled out Nugg to a few private beta testers. A year down the line the app you see now is both very different and very much the same as it was then. It’s still focused on helping teams collaborate […]

4 Steps to Building Great Teams


There are probably more, but these are a start We have teams on the brain here. We research teams, we interview people about making teams, we dive deep to understand how teams come together—and fall apart. We have a good handle on what you need to do when you’re putting a new team together. So […]

How many projects have you been on, who did you work with, and what did you learn?


Do you really know? Wouldn’t you like to? It was my birthday in November, and I happened to be back in Tokyo, where I began my career in business. Being back where I got started put me in a thoughtful mood, and I tried to go back over all of the many projects I have […]

OpenPDS, Employment, and Your Data


Owning your data is more than just a good idea There has been a significant move in recent years to better understand how personal (or personalized) data and metadata can be managed in a cloud world. The existing, “standard” model of personal data has large amounts of data about individuals controlled and owned by corporations […]

Matching Team Roles to Team Challenges


At its recent partner conference Jive introduced WorkTypes™, which it describes as a new methodology aimed at helping people understand how best to work together. They suggest there are eight of these WorkTypes and created a tool to learn your own WorkTypes (mine were Explorer and Planner when I retook the test, the first time […]