The return on trust – building trust within and across teams

by Steven Forth, On LinkedIn, On Twitter High performance teams take risks. They take calculated risks, but real risks that can have bad outcomes. And consistently taking risks, and making sure that enough of those risks pay off, requires trust. When was the last time... read more

The challenges of service team optimization – Knowing your skills matters

by Karen Chiang, LinkedIn I’ve been speaking to many firms over the last few months to get a better understanding of how companies that live on service revenues are managing and optimizing the allocation of people to teams. And as part of this, how they know the skill... read more

Ownership of data in a collaborative age: Three unworkable approaches and a way forward

Data is at the center of business strategy today. We use data to make decisions, define who we are (the quantified self and the data-driven enterprise) and even to predict the future. So it is not surprising that fights over data ownership are becoming more common.... read more

In Search of Team Excellence

Based on a conversation with Dan Ronald, VP Product Management at Optigo Networks It was a rare sunny spring day in Vancouver’s when I met with Dan Ronald in search of new insights into team performance. Dan is an experienced manager and co-founder of Optigo Networks,... read more

What is a project? And how does project work demonstrate skills?

TeamFit is built around skills and project teams. Why? Because our skills are a very powerful way to describe who we are and what we are interests are. A list of my skills and where I have applied them is a more compelling description of what I am capable of than my... read more
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