The ROI on Teams – The Unit Economics of Professional Services

by  Steven Forth TeamFit Profile, LinkedIn Profile, On Twitter Unit economics are critical to understanding how your business will scale. They tell you which levers to pull to improve performance. There has been a lot of good work on unit economics for subscription... read more

How do skills fit together?

by Steven Forth, LinkedIn, Twitter Skills are the tools we use when we work with each other. Too often we look at our skills in isolation from the people we work with. But in fact it is the combination of skills that let’s us form effective teams. We can break this... read more

Your existing talent management system is chaining you to the 20th C

by Amar Dhaliwal LinkedIn Twitter Last month, KPCB’s Mary Meeker presented KPCB’s 2015 Internet Trends report and what a treasure trove it is. One trend that Meeker commented on was the “re-imagining of enterprise computing” which is now “changing business... read more
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