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Capacity and the Rise of the Contingent Workforce

Guest Post by Rita Trehan The United States is gearing up toward election time, and that means certain newsworthy changes that affect the economy are used as battleground for the candidates vying for position. One of these topics that has gained heat most recently is... read more

What skills are missing on your projects?

by Steven Forth TeamFit Profile LinkedIn Profile On Twitter Project success rests on three things: goals (and goal alignment); team chemistry (including communication) and the skills of your team. TeamFit is focused on skills, specifically how skills get applied to... read more

Are you managing resources or optimizing teams?

by Steven Forth TeamFit Profile LinkedIn Profile On Twitter Once a systems integration or consulting company gets above 80 people or so it tends to bring in a resource manager. This person’s job is to make sure that project teams are built quickly so that the company... read more
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