Will contingent work change the consulting business?

Changing forms of consulting business

We can see the world of work changing around us. Forbes calls this ‘the contingent economy’ and says that … while The Economist refers to this as ‘Workers on Tap’ and suggests that more and more companies can adopt ‘The Hollywood Model’ to increase both the efficiency and effectiveness of their workforce. I first heard […]

Why, when and how external consultants are brought onto teams

The Animals

Title image: The Animals singing “Inside Looking Out” (Live, 1966)  Getting outside insight is one of the main reasons people hire consultants. Someone from outside the organization can bring new perspectives, additional expertise or provide extra capacity. But how about the consulting teams themselves? When are external people brought into consulting teams? We asked this question in a […]

How does your firm manage allocations?


It is human nature to assume that the way we are used to doing things is the normal way to do them. As most of us have worked at only a few different professional services companies, we assume that the way in which we have seen people get assigned to teams is the standard way. […]

Why TeamFit Matters

TeamFit meeting

The beginning of a New Year is accompanied by moments of reflection and speculation. Predictions and resolutions abound as people look to plan and forecast their future.   For those who know me, work and career have always been central to my being. In an early stage company, everyone is critical to shaping and realizing […]

Building the TeamFit Team


2015 already! We started talking about what is now TeamFit in 2012, got started building it in 2013, and made the pivot from collaboration and decision making to team building in November 2014. What is next? TeamFit is about helping people build high-performance teams: getting the people on the right team, helping them understand how […]

Are You Building Leaders Or Just Choosing Followers?


Teams with leaders get things done and prepare for the future Think about a couple of your current teams. How many leaders are on the teams? I don’t mean people “in charge,” but people who have the ability and tenacity to lead their own teams. There is a real difference between a team of leaders […]

When building a team start with the questions


Creating a Team Building Checklist Teams are central to how we work these days, and most of us work on multiple teams, often in parallel. So we all need to get better at building teams and deciding which teams we should join. We pulled together this simple checklist for these two critical activities. Questions to […]

Box Contains One Team: Some Assembly Required


How putting teams together is like putting furniture together While we’ve been building the TeamFit application, I’ve also been assembling a lot of flat-packed furniture at home. After hours of figuring out directions made up of pictures, tightening bolts, putting wooden pegs into holes, and a copious amounts of swearing it struck me that some […]

Great Individuals Don’t Create A Team

alone crowd

Does the team determines the final outcome? In my last post I talked about how a bad apple threatened the success of a great team—The Real Cost Of A Broken Team—in this post I’m looking at the other side of the issue, when an individual’s best efforts aren’t supported by the rest of the team. […]

Find Team Members Who Have Failed So You Can Succeed

fear not

A few failed projects makes a better team You’re looking at a few possible new team members to augment your team. Who would you rather have on your team, someone who always had successful projects or someone who had a few less successful (or even failed) projects? A lot of people would choose someone with […]