Design Thinking has been a topic of growing interest to businesses for the past decade. Influential books such as Change by Design by Tim Brown of IDEO in 2009 and The Design of Business by then Rotman School of Management Dean Roger Martin in the same year sparked the imagination of business people in many industries.

Interest continues to grow. The LinkedIn Design Thinking group now has more than 93,000 members and a search on LinkedIn for ‘design thinking’ returns results for more than one million people and 18,000 companies.

As the leading skill management platform and a company dedicated to design thinking itself TeamFit has decided to find out more about the current state of design thinking. We want to be able to answer the following three questions and we hope you will help us in this quest.

  • What skills are really required to apply design thinking?
  • How is design thinking being applied and who is doing the work?
  • Is design thinking one thing or many?

You can join us on this journey by Taking the Survey
(This is a rather long survey, but we think that it will help you to reflect on your own practices.)

TeamFit will also be working with select companies to get a deeper understanding of their design thinking skills and how they are being applied. Have your company join this select group.

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