Companies today are dependent on the skills of their talent to get work done. In an era of big data, machine learning and proprietary algorithms we rely more than ever on the skills of people working together to get things done. But how many companies really understand the skills of their talent pool?

As a simple diagnostic, ask yourself (or HR or your Project Management Office) the following questions:

  1. What skills did teams use on their last three projects?
  2. What is the actual skills profile of your top people? How do you know?
  3. What is the distribution of skills in your company?

If you cannot answer these questions you cannot properly manage a business that is based on teams and the execution of project work. You are losing money.

Today, TeamFit has launched the company module of its platform. This new module allows companies to do the following:

  1. See the company wide skills profile
  2. Manage privacy settings for projects and individuals
  3. Search for people and skills within a company or beyond it

These are the core functions of a 21st Century skills management system.

Skills profile

Skills Profile p1

Being able to see all of the skills in a company, the industries it works in and where it is located is a good start. But I want to be able to see just how much depth the company has in a specific skill.

TeamFit Wisard page2

TeamFit Wisard page3

TeamFit is a small company, just ten people, but even a small company uses a far more diverse array of skills than most people realize. And its people can have all sorts of skills that they bring in from past work. Understanding where the strength’s and weaknesses are is critical to effective management. Especially in a time of transition with millennials flooding into the workforce (and millennials have grown up using social networks) and baby boomers phasing out.


If I want to know who has any combination of skills and what projects they have worked on I simply select the skills I am interested in and I can see everyone who has that combination of skills and what projects they have worked on. Say I work in a digital agency and I am looking for a person in my organization that knows Branding & Identity and Design Thinking.

TeamFit N-Q page4

But I am a bit concerned as they are only rated 2.7 on Design Thinking and 2.4 on Brand Identity. So I check and see what project experience we have that utilizes these two skills. Unfortunately the answer is none. This person demonstrated these skills on separate projects.

TeamFit Skills page5

So I check to see where the Design Thinking Skill has been applied.

TeamFit Skills page6

And who else has Design Thinking as a skill.

TeamFit Steven page7


Information on skills and projects can be very sensitive. Companies that subscribe to TeamFit may want to make sure that all of its projects are kept private unless they are explicitly made public.

TeamFit Privacy page8

Of course one has to be able to find projects and claim them as well. TeamFit makes this easy to do.

TeamFit Project List page9

And there is more …

This is not the only new functionality on TeamFit. Tomorrow let’s will look at some of the other functionality added to the May release and I will drop some hints on what is to come.