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by Gregory Ronczewski |
Dec 11, 2018
Gregory Ronczewski is the Director of Product Design at TeamFit platform – view his profile on TeamFit   Successful interaction is based on dialogue between—on one side, the user and the information that is entered into the system, and—on...
by Steven Forth |
Jul 4, 2018
Steven Forth is a Co-Founder of TeamFit. See his Skill Profile.   Companies are becoming more customer centric. Given the choice of leading with product, operations or customer, more and more companies are choosing the third option. Why is this? The...
by Gregory Ronczewski |
Aug 21, 2017
Gregory Ronczewski leads the design of the TeamFit platform   A Russian nesting doll, or “matryoshka” is a set of wooden dolls of decreasing size placed one inside another. When I think about a skill I often wonder: is...