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by Steven Forth |
Aug 15, 2018
Steven Forth is a Co-Founder of TeamFit. See his Skill Profile.   A well-respected book on competency management defines competency models as “a descriptive tool that identifies the skills, knowledge, personal characteristics and behaviours needed to perform a role effectively in...
by Gregory Ronczewski |
Sep 13, 2017
Gregory Ronczewski leads the design of the TeamFit platform – see his profile on TeamFit When we hear about William Thompson, better known and remembered as Lord Kelvin, absolute temperature and laws of thermodynamics comes to mind. In 1876...
by Steven Forth |
Jun 12, 2017
In a recent conversation with a major consulting company, we were asked about the relationship between skills and expertise. Their internal practices focus on expertise development rather than ‘raw skill’ and they wanted to know how we connect these...