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Achieve strategic growth
Experience TeamFit

TeamFit is more than a list of skills. TeamFit gathers evidence of your expertise and input from your colleagues. You can also suggest skills to people and assess skills. We will make sure that your profile is always up to date and brings together all the evidence of your skills. You can even call out the highlights of your career. To win projects, businesses need to be able to rapidly demonstrate their unique expertise and experience. For major projects, a pursuit team needs to be assembled. TeamFit connects skills and knowledge to project experience. When building a project team, it is critical to understand the skill and role requirements. The Team Builder module guides project managers and resource allocators through the process of creating a skills-based team.

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Why TeamFit?

Despite the enormous investments made in talent management platforms and competency models over the years, business still struggles to answer their most basic talent questions:

What skills do we have and where?
How are we applying them?
What skills do we need?

We created TeamFit to quickly and precisely answer these questions and give businesses the information and insights they need to make more informed decisions and achieve better performance. It is a new type of skills and expertise management platform, designed to quickly and precisely uncover the skills you have and predict the skills you need.

How it works

The reality is that in most organizations the skills and expertise information is scattered across various internal (talent management, learning management, HRIS, project management) and external systems (LinkedIn) and is in structured (databases) and unstructured (document) forms.

This makes it difficult, if not impossible, to get a timely, complete, or accurate view of the skills and expertise a business has. Furthermore, the skills and competency models most businesses use have been developed and implemented top down. They are inevitably outdated, incomplete, and do not connect to the actual work being done or being planned for.

TeamFit mines skills and expertise information from multiple sources and applies AI and Machine Learning techniques to build a real-time and dynamic skills map and competency model for your business. Businesses use this information to make better hiring, training, team building, and project staffing decisions.


The TeamFit Architecture


How TeamFit can help you

Cloud-based, intelligent, and highly configurable. Getting started with TeamFit is fast and easy. Schedule some time to talk with one of our skills experts, and they will show you exactly how TeamFit can give you the skills and expert insights to transform your business in the following format.

Skill Insight

• Consulting service delivered through TeamFit Platform
• Answers the Key Business Questions on skills
• Delivers a Strategic Skill SWOT and Skill Action Plan
• Reduces execution risk while improving project outcomes & performance


• Integrate skill & performance data from inside and outside an organization
• Real-time insight into skill trends
• Improve project performance
• Energize consultant engagement

Skill Research

• Custom research on emerging skill trends & requirements
• Leverages TeamFit Platform analytics and visualizations
• Gathers data from social media, job postings, surveys and interviews


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Understanding the skills you have and the skills you need shouldn’t be so hard.
TeamFit can quickly and precisely give you the skill insights you have always wanted.