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We care about your experience
Privacy, Cookies & Terms of Service

TeamFit is provided by Nugg Solutions Corp. of 1200-555 West Hastings, Vancouver, BC, Canada. We will not disclose the names or e-mail addresses of our users to any other user and will not disclose or share any content shared on our systems unless (i) the two users are on the same team in our systems or (ii) we are compelled to do so by a Canadian court of law.

We will collect e-mail addresses and may employ e-mail management systems to communicate with our user. We will not share these e-mail addresses unless compelled to do so by a Canadian court of law.

If you have questions, comments or suggestions please contact us at


We care about your experience with us.

TeamFit uses cookies and local storage in your browser for two purposes: to manage authentication and to store information about your preferences or past history that will allow us to tailor the behaviour of TeamFit to your advantage.

Your safety and security is important.

We only maintain this information while you are logged in. We clear these values when you logout to ensure that using our service on a shared browser is safe and secure. All interchange of information between your browser and the backend system is over secure HTTPS.


TeamFit(™) is a service of Nugg Solutions Corp. (“TeamFit”) To subscribe to this service and agree to this agreement you must be 18 years of age or older.
•    1.0 Terms of Use
i. You are subscribing to this service free of charge. This agreement covers only TeamFit services to individual consultants and does not cover other services that TeamFit may introduce. No charge will be made to individual consultants for this service in 2015. Should TeamFit decide to charge for this service or parts of in the future you will be given six months notice, via e-mail, of this change in policy.
 ii. The purpose of this service is to give you a way to record the projects you have worked on, who you have done the work with, who the work was done for, and then to use the project to validate your skills. See vi. below for how TeamFit plans to use this information to benefit individual consultants.
 iii. The other people who worked on the project with you will be invited to the service to validate your skills and to comment on the project. You will also be able to validate the skills that they demonstrated on the project.
 iv. You have the ability to control who can view information about you and your projects, but not to edit or delete information that other people have added.
v. Control of project visibility defaults to (i) the corporate account of the organization that carried out the project (ii) in the event that the project is not associated with such an account, each project member has control over visibility of each project within their own project history (‘My Experience’).
vi. TeamFit will use project profiles in five ways: (a) In an overall project list of all projects recorded on TeamFit, subject to limitations on views set by the project members; (b) In your personal profile as your personal project list, subject to limitations on views set by you and the other project members; (c) In calculating your SkillRank(™) for any specific skill; (d) In calculating TeamMatch(™) scores for how well you fit a role in a specific project; (e) In calculating the overall TeamFit(™) score for the entire team for a specific project; and(f) For presenting your profile in searches unless you have stated that you do not want your profile to appear in searches or that you do not want specific projects to appear in your profile in response to a search.
vii. People you invite to a project will be able to see all the information associated with the project (such as members, goals, description, attached documents, and skills)

•    2.0 Ownership
i. All data that you enter into TeamFit is your intellectual property and not that of TeamFit.
ii. You have the right to modify, delete or export that data at any time.
iii. To request a data export contact

•    3.0 Privacy
 i. TeamFit will only share information that you enter into the service as described in paragraph and 1.vii above.

•    4.0 Security
 i. TeamFit is responsible for the security of the service. We reserve the right to prevent anyone from accessing the service at any time if we believe they are attempting to access information for reasons other than the legitimate use of the service. If you have any questions or concerns about security or access please contact immediately.
ii. You are responsible for maintaining your account credentials. Do not share your credentials with other users. Sharing of credentials will be cause for your account to be closed and access to the service denied.

•    5.0 Limitation of Liability
i. TeamFit has no liability whatsoever for use of this service.
 ii. TeamFit provides no assurance of quality of service or continuity of service.

•    6.0 Modifications of Terms of Service
TeamFit reserves the right to modify this Agreement at any time. Subscribers will be given two weeks notice before any modifications to the Agreement and may withdraw from the Agreement and claim their data under 2.iii above at any time.
This TeamFit Consultant Subscription Agreement is made under the laws of British Columbia, Canada and any dispute or litigation must be conducted in British Columbia.