VANCOUVER, BC, May 19, 2015. TeamFit today announced that it has launched the corporate edition of its social skills platform. Understanding the skills of available talent is critical to success for all companies in the knowledge industry.

“Delivering the right expertise at the right time to our clients is key to ensuring our clients’ success.  We need to easily manage our skills base, while protecting the security and privacy of our data,” says IOSecure President Tom Jacoby.  “We have been waiting for TeamFit to provide this functionality.”

In the past, these companies were dependent on top down systems to monitor formal learning and credentials or on rigid skills and competency models. Neither approach captures the dynamic nature of skills in today’s economy. With TeamFit, companies can now answer the questions “What skills do people inside my company have?” “What skills do people have across my extended talent networks?” “What skills are currently being applied to projects?” “Where do we have skill gaps?”

TeamFit corporate accounts also make it possible for companies to better manage privacy and security. With skills data leaking out on social media sites like LinkedIn, companies need to provide their talent with better ways to manage their own skills data while maintaining their privacy and security. TeamFit’s corporate accounts give companies the power to do this by providing global privacy settings for projects and skill profiles.

TeamFit designed its corporate edition, in close consultation with individual consultants and with companies. Reconciling the competing interests of these two perspectives is critical to managing skills in a contingent economy. TeamFit does this by enabling shared data ownership and then applying business rules on who gets to view the detailed data. Companies can take advantage of this new level of control by signing up for a corporate account.

“With TeamFit, an organization can now see, in real time, the full range of skills they have available to them. They can see the distribution of these skills by level, location, and specific project or program,” says TeamFit CEO Amar Dhaliwal. “This insight into available skills is a critical piece of information that I wished I had in previous jobs when I was responsible for business units running hundreds of projects around the world.”

With a sophisticated social skills platform in place and company accounts now active, TeamFit is now focused on providing software that can be used to build the very best teams for any project.

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TeamFit is based in Vancouver, BC. Its mission is to transform talent management by empowering people inside and outside of companies to demonstrate their real skills. Companies can build better teams more quickly and demonstrate their real capabilities. Individuals can document their work experience and claim their skills so that they can find and get on the best projects for them.

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