TeamFit today announced the open beta of its team matching service. Built for today’s world of work TeamFit allows companies to find the skills and experience they need for their business teams regardless of where that talent resides.

Individuals benefit from the TeamFit service by showcasing the skills and experience they have gained from projects they have worked on. TeamFit does this by connecting people that have actually worked together who validate the real skills and experiences demonstrated. Companies rely on TeamFit’s database of confirmed skills to search for the talent they need across their internal and external networks. Unlike existing professional networks, TeamFit is focussed on the role of the team in driving business success. It relies upon validated measures of skills acquired in real projects, and considers the entire pool of talent – both internal and external.

“With the growth of the contractor or on-demand economy the world of work is undergoing it’s most dramatic structural change since the industrial revolution,” says Steven Forth, CEO and co-founder of TeamFit. “Businesses need to build teams all the time and the inconvenient fact remains that most companies don’t know the skills and experience that they have inside their four walls let alone outside. Finding the right combination of skills and experiences for teams quickly and economically is now a key business process and this is what TeamFit enables.”

The TeamFit service is based upon a secure, scalable, and smart cloud platform. Based on a machine learning core, TeamFit’s patent pending technologies; SkillRankTM, TeamMatchTM, and TeamFitTM provide real time and intelligent talent matching recommendations to both individuals and companies.

“TeamFit has placed itself in a vital position for today’s teams,” Maksim Ovsyannikov, Chief Product Officer, Totango “Quickly finding the skills and experience you need is amongst the top concerns for business leaders. Existing services rely upon outdated, inaccurate and incomplete skills databases and more significantly they fail to address the changing nature of the workplace and the growth of the contingent economy. TeamFit unlocks a new dimension of hiring that puts a team central to the talent selection process.”

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About TeamFit:
TeamFit is based in Vancouver, BC. The company was founded by Steven Forth (CEO) and Amar Dhaliwal (Chairman) in January 2013. The leadership team also includes Dr. Lee Iverson as CTO, and Karen Chiang as VP Business Development. TeamFit is a marketplace for people who build project teams and for the people who want to get on them.

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Karen Chiang, VP Business Development