VANCOUVER, BC, August 11, 2015. – TeamFit today announced its TeamBuilder Release, tackling one of the biggest challenges facing consulting and professional services firms: quickly assembling teams with the right skills and experiences to deliver projects.

The TeamBuilder Release builds on TeamFit’s intelligent skills matching platform and allows team builders to search for and find the perfect team of talent for the projects they need to deliver – irrespective of wherever that talent might be. Quickly assembling the right team is the most important predictor of and contributor to project success.

The TeamBuilder release is based on the following unique TeamFit capabilities

  • SkillRank™ – TeamFit’s patent pending machine learning algorithm for ranking and displaying the skills of the individual talent in your network
  • TeamMatch™– TeamFit’s patent pending machine learning algorithm for matching individual talent to the requirements of a team
  • SkillRank™– TeamFit’s patent pending machine learning algorithm for continuously measuring the assembled team’s fit to the changing requirements of the project.

As well as placing ground breaking tools in the hands of team builders the TeamFit TeamBuilder release also delivers increased value to individual consultants by allowing them to share their skills and experiences and be found for the type of work they want.

TeamFit’s TeamBuilder release is available today at

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About TeamFit:
TeamFit is an online platform enabling services and consulting firms to get an accurate and up-to date view of the skills of their talent network so that they can build the best teams while at the same time allowing individuals to find and get on the best projects.

TeamFit is based in the beautiful city of Vancouver, BC.

Media contact:
Karen Chiang, VP Business Development