Nugg releases new decision tracking features for its team communication app.

(Vancouver, BC) Decisions are an essential part of teamwork. Every day teams make decisions that affect the success, or failure, of their projects. However, very few teams actually track the decisions they make on a day-to-day basis. This gap hasn’t been because people discount its importance, but rather a lack of easy-to-use tools that encourage teams to collaborate, communicate, and decide what’s going on with their projects.

When teams don’t track decisions, they can’t understand which decisions give them results, and which ones led them down the wrong path.

“Recording decisions and measuring the outcomes is critical today. With so much happening it is easy for people to lose track of decisions and fail to check what actually results, but few teams do this in any systematic way. If you don’t record your decisions and measure the outcomes, you will never improve.” noted Gord Kukec, Member of the BCFerries Board of Directors, in a conversation with Nugg.

Connecting decisions to outcomes is a key part of Nugg’s new decision record. When a team records something as a decision, they can add more detailed description, indicate expected outcomes, and set a date when the outcomes should be reviewed. Since team decisions often involve or affect the entire team, all team members can indicate whether they agree (or disagree) with the decision.

“We feel that having robust support for decisions is essential to creating more productive teams,” says Steven Forth CEO of Nugg, “Nugg’s decision record is the first to combine team conversations with decisions. Two activities that come naturally to teams.”

Decision records and the decision tool is now available for all Nugg users and will be supported in Nugg for iOS after approval from the Apple App Store.

About Nugg Solutions Corp.: Based in Vancouver, BC and part of the VentureLabs program, Nugg was founded by Steven Forth (CEO) and Amar Dhaliwal (Chairman) in January 2013. The leadership team also includes Dr. Lee Iverson as CTO and Tris Hussey as Director of Customer Success. Nugg is a platform for a suite of web and mobile apps for building, managing, and tracking high-performance teams. Nugg provides teams with a targeted messaging layer that provides the information, metrics, and feedback to drive continuous performance improvement.


Media contact:
Tris Hussey, Director of Customer Success