Gregory Ronczewski leads the design of the TeamFit platform


People often have a hard time answering questions about their skills. Can you name a few skills that you used on a project? It is surprisingly hard. Over the past year, we spoke with many consultants, managers, team leaders, and executives, and we learned that most people do not realize what skills they have. We take skills for granted as they are neatly wrapped in the role we play, yet the skills are responsible for empowering us to join the companies and teams that we dream about. Skills are our most important asset, the new currency of business. As with any type of asset, we need a way to manage them. Welcome to TeamFit – the skill management platform.

TeamFit is built around few key constructs that are connected together by skills. Skills are not only the building blocks of the system, but also it connectors. TeamFit space is organized into 5 main areas: Highlights, Skills, Roles, People and Projects. Our goal is to support as many entry points into skills and how they are applied. We want to give you lots of different ways as to build evidence for every skill you claim.

Let’s start with Skills. TeamFit has now a library of over 8,000 skills curated into categories and linked together into Complementary and Associated skills. Expertise levels are assessed in many different ways. We encourage users to Self Assess their level of expertise, and although this is respected by the system, the skill map shows a pale colour for all the skills that are only self-assessed. It’s not that we don’t trust your self assessment. We do, but as you build your profile by adding evidence, roles, people, projects and highlights we will have more and more evidence to support your level of expertise. After all, the people you work with are the best to confirm your skills and you will be surprised how valuable their assessment will be. Our AI engine will look at the list of your skills and start making suggestions – skills you may have or may seek to develop. So take a hard look at your skill map. Is this what you would expect? Are there any gaps? Did you consider yourself a social person yet you only have few social skills? Look for emerging skills and connect with the people who are experts. Again, use the skills to build your profile and to connect with people that are similar or have complementary skills to your set.

TeamFit allows you to add Highlights to your profile. When you think about your professional life, what are the Highlights of your career? This is an opportunity to tell your story. Everyone likes a good story. Add skills, people or projects to each Highlight. This adds depth to your profile and makes it come alive. Imagine an entry about a project you worked on 10 years ago and the set of skills that you applied.

We are working on expanding the ability to connect evidence to skills – degrees, courses, published papers, websites and links. Our goal is for TeamFit to construct a multi-dimensional portrait of your skills, potential and career. A portrait that evolves and changes overtime with new projects, skills and roles building up a living résumé.

For us, People are even more important than Skills. Often, when I think about People and Skills my mind turns to archeology, or geology. We are the sum of all life experiences with skill residues building up layer after layer, filling the years of our professional life. And frankly, not just professional life. I believe anything we do has an impact on how we approach problem solving, interacting with people, our empathy, and listening skills, our patience and ability to learn and discover new horizons. TeamFit will automatically add people who are on your team, and we encourage you to add people that are not part of TeamFit, but important to your career.

Projects and Roles are yet another way of demonstrating your skills and connecting the dots. My background is Architecture and Design so for me everything is a project – a trip, or a new bookshelf—I have too many books—or an idea for a wine label. TeamFit’s AI will support you when you need to  begin a new project. Once you create a new project, TeamBuilder will help you to define project roles and find suitable candidates based on the skill set that is either a custom set, or connected to the role that TeamFit has created for you.

If you are already a TeamFit user, SIGN IN or if you are a new user, pleas JOIN and we will be very happy to welcome you. Under your Profile, a Quick Setup will guide you through the main steps on getting your profile up and running.

We have prepared a little visual guide in a PDF format to showcase some of the new elements.
Happy Skilling!