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We all need to get better at critiques

by Steven Forth   |   I spent the weekend of Sept. 9 through 11 at the SCI-Arc (Southern California Institute of Architecture) Graduate Thesis Weekend. What skills drive success in professional services? Share your insights in this short survey. SCI-Arc is... read more

From the Experience Graph to the Skill Graph

by Steven Forth   |   Back on August 14 Gary Golden wrote a fascinating post on Techcrunch “Why LinkedIn should kill the résumé and replace it with the experience graph.” He makes the basic point that the résumé as it currently exists does not do a good job... read more

What skill would you give as a gift?

by Steven Forth   |   At TeamFit, we are carrying out a survey on skills in professional services. Basically we are asking what skills contribute to success today and tomorrow. Please contribute to this survey This has gotten us into many conversations about... read more

Comparing TeamFit Skills and LinkedIn Skills

by Steven Forth   |   Skills are at the center of TeamFit. They are one of the four key things that the platform connects, the others being People, Projects and Roles. Our focus on skills leads some people to ask “How is this different from LinkedIn?” The... read more

Choosing a metric for a skills management platform

by Steven Forth   |   Through the summer, we have been hard at work on the design of TeamFit v2. Our users have helped us to rethink some of our earlier design decisions. Users tend to do that. We will post more on these users driven insights in a couple of... read more