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Our promise to you
We believe in your success

TeamFit is built and delivered by people who care about you.

We have a history of building and leading teams. Let us help you win.

TeamFit is designed for a world where people work on multiple teams across their careers. We support both internal teams and hybrid teams that combine people from inside and outside a company.

Our values

  • Create value – help our users become more valuable to others and to themselves
  • Act transparently – make it easy for people to understand how and why we make decisions
  • Respect data ownership – make sure the people who create the value from the data own the data
  • Celebrate diversity – teams need all sorts of different people
  • Learn quickly – and share what we are learning so that we can all make better decisions
You own your data

When we first sat down to envision TeamFit, the question of data ownership was one of the very first core principles that we established.

You as an individual own the data that you create on TeamFit. You co-own the record of the skills and expertise that you have acquired over the course of your employment and you are entitled to take that record with you throughout your career.

TeamFit does not own your data. We are merely stewards of your data, enabling your use of it, protecting your privacy and security. We only show it to the people and organizations you authorize. You can even control who can see you in TeamFit searches.

The specific details of the work you performed to acquire a skill might be confidential or proprietary to the company you worked for. Those details must be protected so, in some cases, we allow these other parties to restrict the sharing of data you own. For example, a company may choose to prevent the sharing of project information on projects done for a customer with those outside the company.

Your data is yours to do with as you please—with some restrictions on sharing when it is produced collaboratively or when someone else’s privacy is impacted. TeamFit cannot use or share your data except to provide our services to you.

We think that’s what every business should do.

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Understanding the skills you have and the skills you need shouldn’t be so hard.
TeamFit can quickly and precisely give you the skill insights you have always wanted.