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Press Releases
Apr 11, 2017

VANCOUVER, BC (PRWEB) APRIL 11, 2017 Design Thinking has been a topic of growing interest to businesses for the past decade. Influential books such as ‘Change by Design’ by Tim Brown of IDEO in 2009 and ‘The Design of Business’ by then Rotman School of Management Dean, Roger Martin, in the same year sparked the […]

by Karen Chiang |
Oct 19, 2016

VANCOUVER, BC, October 18, 2016. – Change in how people work and manage their careers is driving rapid evolution in how people represent and share their skills. This has led to the emergence of skill management as a required function for companies that rely on knowledge workers to deliver their vision. TeamFit recognized this opportunity in […]

by Amar Dhaliwal |
Aug 11, 2015

VANCOUVER, BC, August 11, 2015. – TeamFit today announced its TeamBuilder Release, tackling one of the biggest challenges facing consulting and professional services firms: quickly assembling teams with the right skills and experiences to deliver projects. The TeamBuilder Release builds on TeamFit’s intelligent skills matching platform and allows team builders to search for and find the […]

by Karen Chiang |
May 19, 2015

VANCOUVER, BC, May 19, 2015. TeamFit today announced that it has launched the corporate edition of its social skills platform. Understanding the skills of available talent is critical to success for all companies in the knowledge industry. “Delivering the right expertise at the right time to our clients is key to ensuring our clients’ success. […]

by Karen Chiang |
May 7, 2015

TeamFit today announced the appointment of Amar Dhaliwal as TeamFit’s Chief Executive Officer. Amar brings more than 20 years of experience of the talent management industry gained delivering solutions to some of the world’s most respected and admired organizations. Amar was a co-founder of the learning management platform THINQ which was acquired by Saba Software […]

by Karen Chiang I
Mar 10, 2015

TeamFit today announced the open beta of its team matching service. Built for today’s world of work TeamFit allows companies to find the skills and experience they need for their business teams regardless of where that talent resides. Individuals benefit from the TeamFit service by showcasing the skills and experience they have gained from projects […]

by Tris Hussey |
Nov 20, 2014

Nugg is expanding beyond team collaboration into how project teams are created. Nugg has developed a wholly new way for assembling project teams with its new team-building platform—TeamFit. TeamFit is designed to help management consulting and professional services groups build winning teams faster and provide consultants with a better way to get found for the […]

by Tris Hussey |
Oct 29, 2014

Nugg has added three new critical members to its team as part of its mission to help companies build better, more successful teams and drive new product expansion. Vancouver, BC,  October 29, 2014 Nugg has expanded its core team to help deliver our vision of a world where people control the record of their own […]

by Tris Hussey |
Sep 18, 2014

Nugg releases new decision tracking features for its team communication app. (Vancouver, BC) Decisions are an essential part of teamwork. Every day teams make decisions that affect the success, or failure, of their projects. However, very few teams actually track the decisions they make on a day-to-day basis. This gap hasn’t been because people discount its importance, […]

by Tris Hussey |
Aug 5, 2014

Results of a large-scale survey and in-depth industry interviews show teams need help tracking decisions, connecting decisions to larger goals, and reviewing the outcomes of decisions. During the winter and spring of 2014, Nugg undertook a series of interviews and surveys to better understand the pain points around working within and across teams. More than […]